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Two points.

  1. The request is to provide instructions on how to use the cite function. I don't think many users will navigate to the special:cite page but will use the cite this page link found in the toolbox for every article page in the (Main) namespace. For example the link for the current version of the Main Page is cite this page
  2. If this page is needed. It would be more appropriate if it were moved to the Help namespace.

--Steve 14:48, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

Delete this page?

The {{delete}} template added by Dwsmith2 says "The new LDSTech:Guidelines page contains a link to the Mediawiki page on the Cite function. Unless we want to duplicate that information here, this page is irrelevant." But this confuses two separate functions. Unfortunately, MediaWiki has two entirely different things that are both called "Cite":

  • The special:cite page, which is used to create a proper citation (such as would be used in a bibliography) for material quoted from this wiki.
  • The Cite extension, which is used to essentially create footnotes within a particular article.

This page is requesting help with documenting the special:cite function, but the reason given for deleting it in that recently added {{delete}} template links to an explanation of the Cite extension. So that's not a valid reason for deletion.

Nonetheless, this page has been sitting around for 3 years and no one has done anything with it. I also doubt that the special:cite function is used much for LDSTech (if at all), so it's not a priority. Besides, the special:cite function is well known, and it's easy to find existing help for it. So I vote for deleting it anyway. -- Aebrown 20:49, 1 May 2012 (UTC)

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