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Ward Mission Leaders, this would be the first group I would focus on being thhat they are in direct connect with both the Full Time Missionaries and a Computer/Tablet internet connection.

It Would be nice to see a Device that all in the Chaple may use such a tablet at a fixed location within the chaple for any member to input referal, Dinner appts, update their member info. ect a device designed only to allow applications preinstalled and allow only access to what is church related. --user:Kennyjimno

I noticed the last edit on this page was made quite a while ago. Is the content on this page still current? If it has outdated information that's no longer needed, let's remove it. Please let me know the page's status, either by responding here or by sending me an e-mail. Thanks.

--Tom Johnson 04:58, 30 March 2012 (UTC)