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I have a some questions about information provided in a couple of categories.

First, in the Ward Missionary category, it states "Wards and stakes are authorized to maintain a two- to three- month surplus in the Ward Missionary fund considering current and prospective missionary service funding needs. Ward surplus funds beyond the authorized surplus should be remitted by check to the stake."

Where does this specific information come from? The Church Handbook of Instruction 1 (14.4.3) only states "Stake presidents and bishops should send missionary funds that exceed reasonable stake and ward needs to the General Missionary Fund at Church headquarters or the assigned administrative office."

Second, in the Humanitarian Aid category, where can I find guidance on the statement "there is no authorization for a local Humanitarian Aid fund." The CHI makes no mention of this. Our Ward has maintained a local fund for years in a subcategory under the Other:Authorized Member-Financed Activities category.

The answer to both your questions is the same. If you look at the page history, you'll see that the page was created by Petersenga, who happens to be a Church employee. He in turn got the content "From Troubleshooting Article: Donation and Receipting Categories 6 July 2007". That content was created by someone at CHQ and went through a review process, which to my thinking makes it authoritative. The fact that it is posted on a wiki where it could be changed by anyone doesn't change the fact that this approved content was posted by an authorized Church employee.
Also, as an assistant stake clerk for finances (in a stake located in Utah), I know that we occasionally have received letters from the Presidency of the Seventy inquiring into the status of our ward missionary funds, and requesting that we send to CHQ any funds in excess of three months of expenses. So that source confirms the guideline posted in this article. -- Aebrown (talk) 22:31, 3 November 2012 (MDT)
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