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A general question: Technically, not everything on this page is unique to the UK (e.g. the companionship principle, instructions for two people to make deposits) but a clerk might interpret it that way after reading the page title. Because some of this information is redundant with information on other pages, would it be best to remove it here, or be more specific when something is unique (e.g. adding the phrase "Contrary to the handbook of instructions, in the UK clerks must..." )?

Some specific questions:

  1. Procedure: "Remember deposits must be taken to the bank by two people, it is assumed that they will be Melchizedek Priesthood holders" -- The handbook of instructions (Book 1 pg 136 - "Depositing Tithing and Other Offerings") says "a member of the bishopric" makes the deposit accompanied by "another person, usually a clerk." Is the requirement that both people be Melchizedek Priesthood holders unique to the UK? If so we might need to clarify this on this page. If not, perhaps a more generic approach that follows the handbook would be best. Either way, I don't care for the nebulous phrase "it is assumed that..."
  2. Banking exceptions: Is the requirement that the unit make a deposit within 16 days, or make an MLS transmission within 16 days?
  3. Common Errors: The instruction to "enter all cheque details on the deposit slip" -- Is the detailed deposit slip printed by MLS not sufficient in the UK?
  4. Common Errors: "All cheques must be made out to the full name of the church" -- The handbook of instructions (Book 1 pg 136 - "Receiving Tithing and Other Offerings") says "Checks should be made payable to the ward, not to the bishop or the Church." If this is unique to the UK?

Lindsayre 16:18, 16 September 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for all your great comments. Rather than this article being about things which are unique to the UK it is adapted from guidance issued from the MSR Supervisor for the UK. If non-UK specifics are best removed, then so be it, but then the article wouldn't give the full picture in one place for a UK reader. Perhaps as been done with companionship principle more wiki links would help tie the common parts into the main articles.
In answer to the specific questions.
  1. I've always felt the audit question was open to a wide interpretation. The phrasing is from guidance issued by the MSR supervisor. I'm not against changing it. In my opinion one other person could include a sister.
  2. It is the deposit that should happen within 16 days. Audit requirements are shorter (next working day), but the administration office are waiting for 16 days before they take action. I think the real issue is the trouble they have had in matching reported donations with bank deposits. If all units complied with the request to correctly reference each MLS transmission, then I think this new process would be unneeded. Latest reports had 22 outstanding cases of lost funds ie. MLS donations batches not being matched with bank deposits, most due to under/over bankings.
  3. No, the slip produced by MLS is not sufficient. Units must correctly complete the deposit slip provided by the bank.
  4. UK banking practise is that all cheques are crossed a/c payee and therefore can only be paid into a bank account held in the name of the payee. The Church operates one account for all units in the UK which is in the name of the Church, hence this exception from that quoted in the Handbook.
--Steve 22:42, 16 September 2009 (UTC)

I think what Bob is referring to is that some points of the article can be confusing when the policy applies Churchwide rather that just in the UK. I agree with the fact that the information that is perhaps redundant should be capsulized and linked to the other articles that are not so defined. Just my two cents ;). --Caleb 17:13, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

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