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I find it rather hard to believe that there won't be a report generated to the Bishop detailing the tithing amount, especially if he asked. If he suspected that the member was not telling the truth at tithing settlement/temple recommend interview, he has the keys and authority to receive the information.

I spoke to the experts in the Treasury Department. They provided the following response: Donations to headquarters are considered confidential and only the member receives acknowlegement and confirmation of those donations. The bishop's responsibility is to conduct tithing settlement and provide an opportunity for the member to declare his/her tithing worthiness. The bishop should not expect a member to provide proof. Even if the bishop were to look at the member's receipt from HQ, this would not prove that the member has paid a full tithe. The bishop's concern should be the declaration, not the amount of money donated. Once the declaration is provided the bishop has completed his stewardship and it becomes a matter between the member and the Lord. Lindsayre 14:47, 3 June 2011 (UTC)
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