Is this the right redirect?

This question or concern is currently unresolved.

This page currently redirects to geo code. But I wonder if that is the best choice. There is an unfortunate ambiguity in the terms "geo code" and "geocode". The former is an invention in MLS, used for grouping households by geographical area. The latter is "the process of assigning a geographic location based on an address or other location data," as described in Using Google Earth to view unit member locations. The Google Earth article is by no means strictly about geocoding, but still I wonder if it is a better choice for a redirect of "geocode".

The same question would apply to "geocodes" as well, although I would probably vote to completely delete that redirect, since the word "geocode" is properly used as a verb, and so "geocodes" doesn't make much sense as a redirect.


And by the way, if someone inclined to answer open questions sees this new question, you might check other issues in the Unresolved category. -- Aebrown 18:12, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

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