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Bug in JSON format

There is a bug in the JSON format. The search term is echoed back with double quotes, but it is being placed inside double quotes already. This makes for double double quotes, which isn't legal in JSON without escape characters for the inside quotes.

The JSON example returns this:


It should return this:


-- Ctranstrum 12:56, 28 April 2010 (UTC)

How come example url doesn't work

I've tried these since it would be interesting to use, but doesn't work for me.

Duplicated page?

Which of these pages are the original page?

Duplicate page: Community Services Scripture Search Service

Making the web service available to third parties

The web service page says that it is to be used by official church applications. Has there been any discussion on making it available to third parties? I know this was mentioned some time ago here, but apparently the project has not been approved yet.

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