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Source code from Lee Falin

I see that Lee Falin has donated the source code for his awesome iPhone scripture application to the church (see Is that source code available somewhere? --Bolingbrokeba 05:12, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

Link gesture

I just watched the video of the app's current status and it looks excellent! One feature I want to ask about--will users be able to hold their finger on a link to bring up the option to open the link in a new window, like you can do in the iPhone Safari browser? I think that would be a really nice feature. --Jeff 08:38, 2 December 2009 (UTC)

When is release?

Any idea on when the official LDS scriptures for iPhone app will be released? --Anthonytietjen 12:38, 2 January 2010


I've been using the Gospel Library app for some time now, and I have persistent issues with it. I also have some suggestions for improving the app, but before I get to either, let me say that I love the look and feel of the app in general. I think it's much more conducive to study and spiritual concentration than the LDS Scriptures app, which I was using before. I'm using an iPhone 3GS with iOS4.

Here are my problems:

  1. When I try to resize the footnote window, the app sends me to the next tab/browser page/whatever-it's-called that I have open. The next content window.
  2. When I reopen the app, I don't get to start reading where I left off. I'm sent back to the beginning of the chapter.
  3. When I try to add notes to a verse, the note usually does not appear. Whether it works or not seems to be almost random.
  4. I can't add notes to lesson content in the curriculum, or to anything but scripture verses. Since I use this app to prepare lessons, it's very inconvenient to not be able to make notes.

Now here are some suggestions.

  • It would be really great to have a reading history, just like a web browser so that I could quickly go back to a reference I found a few minutes ago, but that I've moved on from since, even after closing the app. I find that when I start my study from a lesson manual, the back arrow just doesn't give me enough options for retracing my steps.
  • When you tap on a footnote reference, it would be nice if the passage it links to was somehow highlighted, in order to make it easy to know when you've reached the end of it. I'd rather concentrate fully on the topic than try to remember which verses the footnote specifically suggested.
  • I know this would require a whole new level of infrastructure, but one of my favorite things about the LDS Scriptures app was the ability to add your own content. I could prepare a lesson plan in Microsof Word, and copy and paste scripture references from the Church's online scriptures. Then I uploaded the .doc file to my profile on the app's website, and I could download it to my phone. The resulting document in my personalized content would come with all the formatting from Word preserved, and the links to references would still work inside the app. It was very cool and really helped the flow of lessons.

Thanks for considering this feedback. I think the app is off to a great start, but needs some more features and some fine-tuning. I wish I knew enough about coding to suggest specific solutions, but I don't.

Thanks again. -- Afigueira 20:52, 7 July 2010 (UTC)

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