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This wish list paints a pretty complicated interface to me. I think it could be simplified.

When I have the real physical scriptures open there are only a few functions I want to do with them, and they would translate very easily into a scripture reading app:

  • go to a specific scripture reference (a Liahona button could bring up the standard work, book, chapter, and verse wheels)
    -this same interface, I think, should be used when the user wants to jump to a new verse in the current chapter. Why not?
  • write in an annotation (a pencil button brings up a text field and an option of what verse to attach it to)
  • search for a specific term or terms in all the scriptures (a magnifying glass button that brings up a search window)
  • close the book (a home button taking you back to the app's opening menu)
  • go back/forward a chapter (swiping gestures)
  • marking a verse, verses, or portions of a verse (it would be really cool if you could select the text like the new copy/paste selection tool in iPhone 3.0 and then have a pop-up that gives you different colors to pick from, but that may be hard to implement)
  • lookup a footnote (done through hyperlinks)

These amount to four buttons, 2 swiping gestures, some kind of marking gesture (holding down on a verse?), and inline hyperlinks. Simple and powerful. I like it.

Wish List Update 12-16-2012

Several "wishes" have been integrated into the app. Thank You to those who have put fort the the effort and work to make a great app! It's AWESOME!

As I use the app I would like to suggest some improvements.

• Follow up on integrating pinch gesture to zoom, in keeping with iOS UI standard.

• Create and divide preferences setting from configuration settings. Configurations being app-level settings--how things function. Preferences being color prefs or such-things that may be changed frequently.

• Modularize content so other content can be integrated for cross-linking, searching, etc. However it could be organized and kept separate. In concept, a separate bookshelf, so other content may be developed and integrated, such as JOD, CH, TPJS, and other books, much like was the case with Yanceyware. (But this can be SEARCHED.)

small request 1/27/2013

Support for larger iPhone 5 display.

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