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Access for out of unit members

I was told that LDS apps was going to facilitate access for those that are out of unit members access to both ward/stake information. Is this still in the works? Or is this available now? How can I get access to both units? -- Rsevn 17:51, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

Visits & Sacrament Meeting

The UI looks good: Clear and accessible.

If possible, I'd prefer to see who has NOT been visited in the last number of weeks and who has NOT attended Sacrament meeting.

Missionary Progress Record

I like the detail on the lesson principals taught. This is not on the web site. I also like the filtering. One thing that would be helpful is to have all member visits visible to ward mission leaders. Currently, only when the missionaries teach a lesson are visits visible.

LDS Tools Update needs fixed.

I just updated to the latest version of LDS Tools for my Android and in the Newburgh, NY Stake there are either 5 units left off the screen or a scroll command wasn't implemented, I'm guessing the first though, because I can't search out names from the missing units.

There are 9 units in our stake and only the top 4 units show up in the drop-down list. I tried to search for my name in the stake directory and because the Poughkeepsie 1st ward was left out on the update (along with Newburgh 1st and 2nd and the Spanish speaking Branch, along with both Poughpeepsie wards) I can't access names from the missing units.

I have a ticket number INC05161988 but I'm sure you will be receiving more complaints about the update from other members who are updating their LDS Tools who also fall into the Missing unit grey area.

Rich Hardesty

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