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Why should this article be deleted?

I was surprised to see the request to delete this article. It looked like some good information, which doesn't exist elsewhere. I know it wasn't quite finished, but it seemed to be well on its way to being done. In my opinion, it was neither too long nor too complex for a wiki article.

If a clerk needs this information, where is he supposed to get it? What format would be better than a wiki page? And even if some other written format would be better, wouldn't it make sense to make a PDF and attach it to the wiki page?

My one major gripe with the MLS documentation is that it is too shallow. It is oriented to beginners, which is certainly an important purpose of documentation. But 90% of the documentation covers topics that are quite obvious to someone with experience, and the next level of questions that would come to the more experienced clerk are rarely addressed at all. So it's disappointing to see the beginnings of a more detailed article abandoned.

This topic contains information that is helpful for units moving to MLS for the first time (which I assume continues to happen in various areas of the world), but also for clerks who are newly called into a daunting situation where reconciliation has not been done for many months, perhaps years. Reports of this happen occasionally on the LDSTech Forum; I myself experienced it in one of my stints as a ward financial clerk. Could the decision to delete this be reconsidered? -- Aebrown 16:05, 11 August 2009 (UTC)

Your comments are well taken. This information actually already exists on the Clerk and Technology Web site. I was attempting to recreate it here and, because of the complexity of the procedure (you may have to refer to two subprocedures if things don't work), I finally decided that it was probably better to leave it in its original format, which is a PDF.
Having said that, our plan is to make a link from the regular "Reconciliation" page to the PDF for those who have never been able to reconcile in MLS. The support group is also working on a procedure for those who had successful reconciliations in the past, but have not reconciled correctly for two or more months. This will probably also be a PDF and we will link to it from the same "Reconciliation" page.
Then users will have three choices: (1) to use the "Reconciliation" page if they are just trying to learn how to reconcile, (2) choose a link from that page if they have not reconciled correctly in two or more months, or (3) choose a link from that page if they have never successfully reconciled in MLS. Smithgw
Thanks for the clarification. I looked up the article on and so I understand a bit better what you were trying to accomplish.
However, I still think a real wiki article (not a PDF) is the best place to put this information, for the following reasons:
  1. The wiki is searchable.
  2. Wiki articles allow for links to relevant related topics.
  3. A wiki article is easier to correct, improve, and update.
  4. A wiki handles complexity better than a PDF, because it allows for links to related topics. The subprocedures in the current PDF are confusing because they interrupt the flow. In a wiki article they could be on separate pages; the user only needs to follow the links to them if they apply.
In general, I really don't like linking to PDFs for the above reasons. It can be a stopgap measure to get the information out quickly, but it's much better to convert it to wiki text as soon as possible. Certain kinds of content may not work in a wiki, but I can't imagine that is ever true for pure text documents such as the one we are discussing. So I would vote to continue the wikification of that PDF. If you agree but don't have time, I'd be happy to finish the project. -- Aebrown 22:18, 11 August 2009 (UTC)
I have created a new heading called "Special Circumstances" in the regular Reconciliation page. There is currently only one special circumstance, and it links to the PDF "Reconciliation for Units That Have Not Reconciled in MLS." We will later add another circumstance for units that have reconciled successfully in the past but currently have not reconciled correctly for two or more months. The support group at headquarters is still tweaking that one.
We think that it would be a fine idea if you want to go ahead and put the PDF into a wiki page as you described above. One concern we have is that currently only about half the Church clerk offices in the U.S. and Canada have Internet access. The PDF can be printed from home and taken to the office by the clerk for those who don't have Internet access. Hopefully this will soon not be an issue. Smithgw
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