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The app needs a quick link to 'home' from any screen. It takes too many taps to navigate once you are embedded. And the message at the end of the flash card session takes you all the way home, not just to the beginning of a section. Some other features that would enhance it further would be to integrate a 'practice' flashcard round where you can slide a finger to flip through the cards, and tap to 'turn over' a card. Even enhancing the memorize function to go between scriptures without having to navigate back to a menu. Also, in the memorize section and flashcards a 'shake' feature to randomize would help. With current flashcards, does it only keep score? It would help if there was an algorithm to bring up the scriptures missed more often. You would still see the ones you got correctly, but not as often as ones you had missed. What if it mixed things up so that one flashcard came up with the hint and the next with the scripture. Currently there are cards and quizzes to link hint to reference and the scripture text to the reference. What about adding the reverse? Have the hint as the cue, and the reference as the answer. It is like that in the quiz, but that's not how they practiced. Have the three variables (scripture, hint, reference) for each scripture in the flashcards and quiz sections. As is, the features are too linear. The more variables the kids can customize to their learning needs, the more they will use the app.

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