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Removed inactive links in former "Third party tools" section (now renamed "Other tools") and deleted references to iStake and other mobile membership apps in light of the church having developed and released its official solution, LDSTools. Cswadner 23:17, 27 October 2011 (UTC)

Although most of your cleanup was good, I had to fix a couple of things:
  1. LDS Tools doesn't belong in the "Third-party tools" section, so I moved it to the more appropriate "Church-supplied software" section.
  2. There was no reason to remove the MLS Companion Database section. That is still an active project that is helpful.
-- Aebrown 17:14, 29 October 2011 (UTC)

MLS Companion Database

The link to MLS Companion Database now goes to a page that says "Mobileme Is Closed". I added a short comment asking for someone to update this link if this project is still active. -- combblai 16:23, 27 July 2012 (UTC)

I fixed the link. Thanks for pointing that out. -- Aebrown (talk) 16:56, 27 July 2012 (MDT)


Why does this page refer to LibreOffice rather than OpenOffice? OpenOffice has been the standard for many years and is referred to in the MLS Download page of this Wiki. This is potentially a dramatic change in direction unless LibreOffice and OpenOffice are the same product. If not, please consider this change carefully. Regardless, it will likely be ignored by local units due to the time and effort required to make this change. -- combblai 16:35, 27 July 2012 (UTC)

It refers to LibreOffice because that is the standard office suite recommended by the Church, as you will see if you go to It is essentially the same product as OpenOffice (just a different branch of the code base); the user interface and file formats are the same as with OpenOffice, so you need have no concerns about any dramatic changes. LibreOffice is being actively maintained, which makes it a better choice than OpenOffice going forward. Local units are welcome to stick with OpenOffice, but moving to LibreOffice requires nothing more than installing the new software.
Thanks for pointing out the out of date information on the MLS download site page; I have updated it to refer to LibreOffice. -- Aebrown (talk) 16:56, 27 July 2012 (MDT)
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