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Is data only transmitted monthly anymore?

I know that what is stated in this article about membership data being transmitted monthly from wards to the stake matches the current documentation. But that documentation is rather old, and doesn't match my current experience. Pretty much every single time I do a Send/Receive in MLS at the stake level I get some sort of update from one or more wards of membership information. And I'm certain that these wards are not doing the extra step each week to force data to be transmitted to the stake. In addition to the membership record info, ward calling information also seems to be updated quite rapidly through CDOL to stake MLS these days. I don't know if the statement about monthly updates is partially false or completely false, but it's certainly not completely true. -- Aebrown 14:47, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

Good catch. One of the things we are trying to do is move information in the FAQs that are not in the wiki over there. Oddly enough, this particular piece of instruction is in several places and has supposedly been reviewed over the years. Apparently this information about a monthly transmission has not been entirely true since MLS 2 point something. I've talked to one of the experts and hopefully have this straightened out. It is still true that there can still be a monthly transmission to the stake, but it is now only of limited information. The real situation is that data such as out-of-unit member records and nonmember records go directly to the stake, while other data (such as an ordination) go through CMIS and then to the ward and the stake. Anyway, it does not take long in either case. Let me take another crack at this.
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