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Any tasks or issues relating to any of the community tools found at, such as Joomla, Forum, or Wiki.

Project Manager, Dev Lead 
Tim Riker
Meeting Schedule
Tues, weekly staff meeting 10am-11am via VIDYO or WebEx

Purposes of Tech

Many people know of the resources for ward clerks and technology specialists on The forum and wiki contain myriad conversations and a knowledge base for technology related ward and stake issues that cannot be found anywhere else. is an indispensable resource to those seeking technology support in their demanding and difficult callings.

Tech also serves as an avenue to facilitate community participation in development of Church technology projects. The Church has many technology projects to complete to meet the needs of an ever-growing, world-wide church. The Church seeks the help of the Tech community with this tremendous undertaking.

Project Objectives

The purpose of this project is to continue to improve the self-support services provided through Tech. It is also to expand the ability to partner with the Tech community on Church technology projects.


The forum and wiki are the tools for self-support on the site. The wiki provides a codified knowledge base for officially approved uses and scenarios for Church related technology. In the forum, users can post questions and get answers from other forum users. They can also search previous remarks from users. Problems that aren't answered in the wiki can be researched in the forum.

Community Involvement

The Church invites participants to review the list of projects and volunteer where they have time and inclination.

Community Collaboration

Tech provides a collection of tools, to enable community collaboration.

Skills Profile

Users of Tech can identify which technologies they are comfortable with or interested in learning. This aids project managers in identifying people who will be able to contribute to their project. It is not necessary to fill out the skills profile to join projects.


The list of available community projects is visible to those who sign the contributor agreement. Projects are created by sponsors internal to The Church. Community members can join projects they are interested in and participate at a level they are comfortable with. After joining a project, users will be able to comment on and add JIRA tickets related to that project. They'll also be able to submit patches to the project through JIRA. Volunteers can leave a project at any time.

Contributor Agreement

Those willing to contribute to Church technology projects must sign the Individual Contributor License Agreement before they will be able to start.

Content Management

Joomla is used to manage and maintain the site, the users and the projects.

LDSTech Development Virtual Machine

We have created a VirtualBox Appliance that contains functioning instances of the LDSTech web sites so that developers can get started quickly. There are additional details on the LDSTech Development Virtual Machine wiki page.

Key Information


Weekly Meeting

We used to meet regularly on IRC. History of IRC Located:

Google Groups

Announcement group

Discussion group

Issue tracking

Issues, tasks, and bugs can be found in the LDSTech instance:

Test system

Our test system is no longer publicly accessible. You must be on the Church network or on VPN to connect.

The dev site:


The old wireframes:

Internal Team Members

Release Steps

  • note current release in case we want to role back
  • review required sql patches
  • confirm regular mysql backups are working
  • short news blurb that upgrade is in progress on home and irc
  • backup ldstech directory
  • git pull
  • apply sql patches
  • enter and re-save ldap/talentpool/etc modules in administrator if needed
  • test joomla, wiki and forum
  • remove or update short news blurb and irc topic
  • when all tested, remove backup directory


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