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The Community Portal is the central place to find out what's happening on the Tech Wiki (see the Community Portal on Wikipedia for a model). Learn what tasks need to be done, or get or post news about recent events or current activities. If you think something should be done, add it to the lists here, even if you don't have the time or expertise to create the content yourself.

April tasks

The following pages need attention. Let's go through and complete these tasks during the month of April.


Pages needing to be deleted?

  • The following pages need to be evaluated as to whether they still have current information. None of them is an active project. If the information is outdated, the pages should be deleted:

If the page should be deleted, add the {{delete|reason}} tag to the page, replacing the word "reason" with an explanation of why the page should be deleted. (Only admins can delete pages, but others can indicate that the page should be deleted.)

Content improvement

Let's edit the 10 most popular pages on the wiki to make them better. According to Special:Statistics, these pages receive the most visits on the wiki. Go through and copyedit the content to improve it.

Portals needed

We currently have six portals on the Main Page. We should add a portal page for the following:

Mobile applications

Spankston 20:05, 30 March 2012 (UTC) is working on this.

Note that the callings group will probably be a sub-portal, such as "Browse by Calling."

General maintenance

As you edit pages, here are some ways to mark pages:

  • Request: If you have an idea for a helpful article or wiki feature, but don't have time or ability or inclination to create it, record the idea in new wiki content requests.
  • Wikify: Follow the guidelines to make articles use links, headings, sources, templates, and categories in a standard way.
  • Annotate: Use templates to flag articles that need attention if you are unable to make the necessary changes.
    • {{Stub}} flags articles or sections that are incomplete and need to be expanded
    • {{Draft}} flags articles that are in a Draft stage and not approved as authoritative yet
    • {{Edit}} flags articles or sections that need to be rewritten
    • {{ToDo}} flags articles or sections that have tasks that need to be accomplished
    • {{Need Input}} flags articles or sections that are in need of input
    • {{Unresolved}} flags Talk Page discussions that are currently unresolved
    • {{Resolved}} flags Talk Page discussions that have been resolved
    • {{Under construction}} flags pages (for a brief time) pages that are undergoing major construction
  • Create: If there is a topic you think needs to be addressed, create a new article. If your page is related to a project, please follow the Development Project Guidelines. Also, a red link anywhere on this wiki indicates that someone thought an article should exist, but they didn't have the time or expertise to write it themselves. If you can, get that topic started by writing the first draft yourself. You can see the entire list of such articles at Special:Wantedpages; also see New wiki content requests for additional desired articles.
  • Expand: Some articles may be incomplete stubs which should be improved by fleshing out the content. You can see the entire list of such articles at Category:Stubs.
  • Resource: Add attachments or links to sample documents, spreadsheets, or templates that will add breadth and depth to the articles.
  • Copyedit: Fix grammar, punctuation, style to be more accurate, and in accordance with the Tech Style Guide.
  • Source: Although opinions and personal ideas can be helpful, statements purported to be official Church policy will be more effective if backed up from official sources.
  • See also: Adding "See also" sections to the end of articles can improve navigation
  • Add missing standard pages: Several pages have standard links in the user interface of the wiki, but have not been written yet. These include:
    • TechWiki:Copyrights: Write/Edit this page, which is linked to from the Editing page that appears whenever you edit a page; this should briefly explain Public Domain, Fair Use, and improper use of copyrighted materials.
    • Help:Editing: Write/Edit this page, which is linked to from the Editing page that appears whenever you edit a page; this should give help with the actual editing process, and link to the Guidelines page and other helpful existing pages. Currently this simply redirects to Help:Contents.
  • User page: Add your own user page to give people some idea of your background and experience. A user page also gives you a place to create your own sandbox using subpages.

Needs attention or action

For a list of pages needing discussion, input, or specific actions, review the following category pages:

Category:Need Input
Category:Help Needed


For a list of pages needing cleanup, review the following category pages:

Category:Pages to be edited

Guidelines, help, and resources


  • Consult the Guidelines page so that the content you create can be consistent across the wiki.
  • The Manual of Style provides guidelines for usage and spelling of Church-specific terms.


Help:Contents: Flesh out this page which is linked to from the main navigation panel displayed to the left of every page, as well as from the Search Results page.

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