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Anyone can add to this page any requests for new content on the Tech wiki. This wiki is always a work in progress. Sometimes contributors will notice that something is missing, or think of a new topic that would be very helpful. This page provides a place to quickly capture those ideas, especially when the person with the idea can't make the changes personally for any reason.

People who have time and expertise to contribute content are welcome to come here and help fulfill some of these requests. Once a topic has been added to the wiki, it should be removed from this page.

Feel free to discuss the merits of any of these suggestions on the discussion page.

New clerk content

Add bullet points below regarding new topics that should be added to the wiki.

  • Language issues in MLS: Changing the Language Setting in MLS explains how to run MLS in a different language, but we should also explain how to print forms and certificates in a different language (without changing the MLS language). This could go in that same article (but broaden the title), or in a separate article. There may also be some language-specific issues related to MLS Exports (see Post on the Tech Discussion Forum).
  • Stake President and Bishop currently redirect to Leaders' responsibilities for record keeping. But there have been discussions on Tech forums such as New Stake Presidency about what clerks need to do, especially in the technology realm, to help get new stake presidencies and bishops acquainted with Church systems and get the proper access. This would apply to new clerks as well. It would be helpful to capture this "getting started" information.
  • Executive secretary article contains only a brief outline of responsibilities. There is a surprising dearth of training information for executive secretaries. It would be nice to flesh out some information that would be much more helpful to new executive secretaries. One particular item would be explaining the MLS Action and Interview List.
  • Members without callings: This MLS report has several options, and how to use it is not clear to all clerks. See Members Without Callings List Thread on the Tech Discussion Forum.
  • Agent ward expenses: Document how financial clerks might account for expenses when wards share a building.

New projects

New wiki features

Add bullet points below regarding changes to the structure of the wiki, or guidelines or procedures, such as templates or categories.


Add bullet points below for any other suggestions that do not fit the above topics.

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