Technology Manager

Technology Manager (TM) is a web-based tool designed to help stake and district technology specialists manage Meetinghouse Internet. TM objectives include improving self-service options and increasing the ability of technology specialists to effectively manage meetinghouse networks.

The Cisco 881W Meetinghouse Firewall is required to take advantage of most TM features. The tool is expected to be available in the next couple of months. Once released, new functionality will continue to be added.

The following features are currently being worked on for the first release:

  • Identify meetinghouses with the Cisco 881W Firewall
  • Verify online status of each 881W
  • View assigned IP addressing
  • Look up contact information
    • Stake president
    • Facility manger
    • Stake or district technology specialist
    • Firewall installer
  • View and Change ISP information
  • View system announcements
  • Provide feedback on the application

These additional features are being considered for future releases:

  • Disable 881W wireless
  • Change which building a firewall is associated with
  • Show IP addressing usage
  • Explain how to correct inaccurate data showing up in TM
  • Remotely reboot the firewall

In the next few months, we will send out a survey to learn about your experience with Technology Manager.

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