Technology Training User Group Files

These are downloadable files for the Technology Training User Group. These files may be helpful in preparing for LDS technology trainings for stake and ward audiences.

Title Date Format Creator
LDSTech Presentation on Pilot Technology Trainings 2013-OCT-17 PDF Karen Cottle (BYU Ph.D. Student) and Elder Dan Elaison (LDSTech Church Service Missionary)
What can You Do to Improve Training in the Church? LDS Tech Conference 2013-OCT-17 PDF Elder Dan Eliason (LDSTech Church Service Missionary)
Prototype Training Session on Gospel Libraries 2013-OCT-17 PowerPoint Elder Dan Eliason (LDSTech Church Service Missionary)
Presentation on etiquette relating to using technology during church meetings 2013-OCT-28 PowerPoint
Using technology to further the work of Relief Society 2013-OCT-24 PowerPoint Sandy, UT Hidden Valley Stake
A guide on planning and delivering training sessions on new technology 2013-JUL-09 Word Document Elder Dan Eliason (LDSTech Church Service Missionary)
Church Technology PowerPoint 2012-MAR-16 PowerPoint LDSTech
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