I have several questions about this template:

  1. Why does this template have such a strange name?
    • The ALL CAPS title is definitely not standard
    • The reference to "sash" is rather obscure
    • The name doesn't match the documentation, which refers to {{LDS Maps}}. That would be a more reasonable name.
  2. Why is the template only 225px wide? If it were 250px wide, the title of the Spanish help file wouldn't wrap.
  3. Why is there all the extra space, as well as spurious horizontal rules in the bottom part of the template?
  4. The template contains many links to pages that don't exist yet. That's not unusual for a work in progress, but are these really part of some master plan? Some of the links go to potential articles that seem like they duplicate information that is already in the help files.
  5. The LDS Maps article contains links to all the same help files, but doesn't use this template. Should it?
  6. For that matter, how does the this new Help content fit with the existing content in LDS Maps and the four existing related pages? None of these use the template, and much of the content covers the same ground.

-- Aebrown 10:05, 28 May 2010 (UTC)

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