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Tips of the week are sent to all units in US and Canada. This is not a full archive. The tips listed highlight important and timely issues.

Household with a Nonmember Spouse - October 11, 2009

This article explains how to properly organize a household with a nonmember spouse in MLS. Creating a nonmember record should always be done with care. Before creating the record, the clerk should obtain approval from the bishop and permission from the nonmember or nonmember’s spouse to proceed.

For more information see: Nonmember spouse

Do Not Contact Membership Records - September 20, 2009

Members that no longer wish to be contacted by the Church need to have their wants addressed with sensitivity and care. These cases should be reviewed on an individual basis by the local priesthood leader and a plan made without making adjustments to the membership record.

For more information see: No contact

Keeping MLS Backups - September 6, 2009

Certain membership and financial information exists only in the local MLS database. The data stored in MLS is very valuable and as such should be diligently backed up in a variety of ways.

For more information see: MLS backup.

Reconciliation for a New Clerk - August 16, 2009

This article is designed to help newly-called clerks find a starting point from which they can get the reconciliation back in order.

For more information see: Reconciling a ward account that has not been reconciled for more than two months.

Standard and Custom Callings in MLS 3.0 - July 19, 2009

Use custom positions when no standard position fits the calling.

For more information see: Difference between standard positions and custom positions.

Adding Additional Units to MLS - July 5, 2009

A single installation of MLS can support multiple units. The first unit is installed when MLS is installed. After that, any MLS administrator can add additional units.

For more information see: Adding additional units to MLS.

Stake/Ward Telephone Expense Reimbursements and Meetinghouse Internet Expenses - June 21, 2009

A review of the categories used to issue checks for stake and ward telephone expenses and Meetinghouse Internet Expenses.

For more information see: Stake & ward telephone service and Meetinghouse Internet.

Stake Reimbursable Expenses - June 14, 2009

Stakes have additional subcategories in the Other category that are reimbursed by Church headquarters.

For more information see: Stake Reimbursable Expenses.

Membership Records and Individual Ordinance Summaries May 17, 2009

Membership records are to be viewed only by the bishop and appropriate clerks. Clerks should be sure to print the Individual Ordinance Summary (IOS) if a copy is requested by the member and not the membership record.

For more information see: Membership Records and Individual Ordinance Summary.

Reconciliation Problems with a Returned Check - May 10, 2009

An unreconciled difference on the Report screen in Reconcile matches the amount of a returned check. This tip will review the use of Temporary Items for units with concentration bank accounts. This tip does not apply to units with local, non-concentration accounts.

For more information see: An unreconciled difference on the report matches the amount of a returned check.

MLS Expense Tax Field - May 3, 2009

When writing checks, units in Utah, North Carolina and Canada should properly fill out the Tax field in the Enter Expenses screen in MLS.

For more information see: MLS Expense Tax Field.

Dealing with Outstanding Checks - April 26, 2009

This page has been posted to help clerks in the United States deal with outstanding checks.

For more information see: Outstanding Checks.

Melchizedek Priesthood Ordinance Record - April 19, 2009

Melchizedek Priesthood ordinations are performed on a stake level and recorded on the ward level.

For more information see: Melchizedek Priesthood Ordinance Record.

Problems with reconciliation when voiding a check - April 12, 2009

Voiding a check caused an unreconciled difference for the amount of the check on the reconciliation report.

For more information see: Common Problems with Reconciliation.

Other Items Versus Temporary Items - February 22, 2009

What is the appropriate use of an Other Item and when should a Temporary Item be used in the monthly reconciliation? What are the differences between the two?

For more information see: Other Items screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts in MLS - February 15, 2009

Did you know that there are many keyboard shortcuts in MLS? You can use these shortcuts to quickly navigate in MLS and access its features with fewer keystrokes.

For more information see: MLS keyboard shortcuts.

Print Your Own Financial Audit Forms from MLS - February 8, 2009

Did you know that you can print the financial audit forms from MLS? Since the introduction of this new feature, financial audit forms are no longer being mailed from Church headquarters.

For more information see: Audit Forms.

Requests for Membership Information - January 11, 2009

Can a ward or stake clerk obtain membership information over the telephone? What information can a priesthood leader receive on the telephone from the administrative office?

For more information see: Requests for Membership Information.

2008 Year-end - January 4, 2009

How to handle Donation Adjustments and NSF checks from one calendar year to the next.

For more information see: Year End Donations.
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