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Unit data refresh

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MLS administration

The Unit Data Refresh is a request that will pull different types of information from the administrative office and “refresh” the information in the unit’s MLS database. Usually, this should only be done if there is a problem with the information in MLS that cannot be fixed. The refresh files can be large, and may cause long transmission times.

A data refresh is sent to stakes on a scheduled quarterly basis in order to keep the information at the stake level current.

When a refresh for membership data is requested either at the ward or stake level, it triggers a refresh of calling information from CDOL to come to the unit.

What is sent

The Request Refresh Files dialog allows you to select which parts of the MLS data are refreshed. The major portion of the information that is refreshed is from membership records. This includes ordinances that have been recorded at Headquarters, any name changes, household changes or updates or other edits that have taken place.

Geographical information

Country and political information is also sent to the unit via the refresh. This includes the list of countries and languages in the world (so that mission information can be recorded), a list of temples worldwide so that temple ordinances can be recorded, and any geopolitical information that is required for the unit to function.

Temple recommend information

The refresh will also send information for any temple recommends that have been recorded at the stake, or again any changes that have been made by the administrative office.

Boundary realignments

The refresh can be used to push information on boundary realignments that are made in the stake. This a great tool for troubleshooting any issues that may arise when membership records are moved to or from the unit. The local priesthood leader may contact the administrative office to request information on the different records to determine if the refresh is needed.

Calling information

Information on callings in the wards and stakes are transmitted to the stake level and to Church Headquarters. This information is stored in the Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders.

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How to request the refresh

An MLS administrator can request a refresh by clicking the File menu, and Request Unit Refresh Data. In the request window it is best to select the Membership option as this will refresh all the information for the local unit. After closing the request window, click on Send/Receive Changes. This will send the request to the server at CHQ, which then takes 2-3 hours to process. Another Send/Receive Changes will need to be completed after the wait period for the refresh to be transmitted to the unit.

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Unit refresh and the stake

When a stake is missing membership records from some of their wards and does a Request Unit Refresh Data, selecting only the wards that are missing, the data doesn't come to the stake. This is because the server at the administrative office only allows data to be sent to the requesting unit, and therefore cannot be sent to the stake for individual wards (proxy). The fix for this is to select the 1st option on the stake refresh window, labeled All Membership Records. This will refresh the entire stake with the information from CHQ.

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