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We added customizations to Unnoc to track VM Memory Ballooning, Swap, CPU Ready, and Datastore Disk Usage. Details on each of these statistics are listed below.


Instructions on how to implement these customizations are found in the Unnoc setup instructions.


The customizations are available in:

Specific customizations

VM Memory Ballooning

mem.vmmemctl.average - Amount of memory held by memory control for ballooning (KB)
mem.vmmemctltarget.average - Amount of memory that can be used by memory control for ballooning (KB)

VM Swap

mem.swaptarget.average - Amount of memory that can be swapped (KB)
mem.swapped.average - Amount of memory that is swapped (KB)

VM CPU Ready

cpu.ready.summation - CPU time spent in ready state (milliseconds). The default sample period for cpu.ready.summation is 20 seconds.

Datastore Disk Usage (not a performance counter)

DatastoreInfo and DatastoreSummary

Additional information

Please see the VMware VI Perl Toolkit website for more information on these properties.

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