LDS Community Projects Security Information

When the church undergoes information technology projects, principles of information security should be observed. Without considering security principles, both the church and its members are subject to potentially damaging situations which can hurt the church's reputation, resources, or cost the church money. By considering the ramifications of security and building solutions that follow them, the church can make better use of technology by lowering the potential cost of deploying those solutions. For the LDSTech Community Projects, information security means the difference between a great idea and an implemented application.

Some resources to help when thinking about IT security:

Performing risk analysis is the process of working out where the potential security problems of an application are, and controls or measures which can be taken to avoid those problems.

To work on:

  • Authentication
  • PCI compliance
  • Referential integrity
  • Archival / backup
  • Logging / auditing
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