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Church units receive donations from ward members and others. Generally donations are processed each week in MLS, although this may happen more often during tithing settlement, or a week may be skipped because of stake or general conferences.

The Church produced training session Processing Weekly Donations  covers the principles and procedures for handling Church donations.

Guiding principles

  • Those who handle the Lord's funds should be full-tithe payers.
  • Always follow the companionship principle when handling Church donations.
  • Never leave funds unattended or unsecured.
  • Where possible, deposit funds on the same day they are collected, counted, and recorded.


Steps for processing donations (with a member of the bishopric):

  1. Receive donations
  2. Open envelopes and verify amounts
  3. Record donations in appropriate donation categories
  4. Verify totals, authorize the transaction, and send donation information to the administrative office
  5. Prepare the bank deposit
  6. File donation documents
  7. Deposit the money at the bank
Further information: Donations and bank deposits (UK)
Further information: Donations and computer failure

Special donations

Special situations

Questions and answers

Q: I accidentally recorded a donation as tithing and it is meant to be fast offerings, how can I correct this?
A: Steps to correct a donation slip:

  1. Go to Finances click on View/Update Donations
  2. Adjust the date range, if necessary. The Date Range is in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the batch that the donation is in by clicking on the Date that the batch was processed on.
  4. Select the Donor that needs to have the information changed.
  5. Edit the slip to the correct categories.
  6. Click on Save Donation
  7. Enter the reason for the category adjustment.
    • A reason showing adherence to Church policy is needed for category adjustments dealing with the Budget or Other category.
  8. The next popup that shows is a verification popup. It will usually have a Old and New amount. Click on Ok.
  9. Click on the Review tab on the left if there are more donations in the batch to adjust. Then re-start at step 4.
  10. Click on the Close button in the bottom right corner to close out of the batch. Click on Yes to re-print your batch report. Replace the old batch report with this new batch report in your file.
  11. The administrative office will be automatically notified of the change and will make the change to the Unit Financial Statement

Q: We received additional donations after we had authorized the batch in MLS. What should we do?
A: After a donation batch has been authorized in MLS, the batch should be considered closed. When you receive additional funds after a batch has been authorized and closed, you should create a new donation batch for the late donation(s). The new donation batch should be created on the date the donation is received and processed as a separate deposit even if it means two (or more) batches and deposits in one day. Both donation batches are then deposited at the bank in separate deposit bags.


Q: How do you record multiple slips/donors that are made with one check?
A: Using MLS complete the first slip/donor as normal then select New Slip to add the details of the second slip/donor. This can be repeated for a third, fourth slip etc. The slips will be shown as tabs at the top of the left hand side of the screen. The slips total should be reconciled with the funds total entered on the right.

Q: What do I do if there is no Tithing and Other Offerings slip in the envelope?
A: Prepare a Tithing and Other Offerings slip for the amount of money in the envelope, and print the word "Unknown" in the name block of the slip. Enter the entire amount in "Tithing" on the slip and in MLS.

Q: What do I do if there is no name on the Tithing and Other Offerings slip?
A: Print the word "Unknown" in the name block of the slip and deposit the amounts to the correct categories.

Q: Are there any shortcut keys for data entry in the MLS financial screens?
A: Keyboard shortcuts include:
Ctrl+d: Opens a donation batch from the main menu.
Ctrl+e: Opens the expense screen from the main menu.
Ctrl+n or Page Down: When entering donations, moves you forward through sections of the donation screen.
Ctrl+b or Page Up: When entering donations, moves you back through sections of the donation screen.
Ctrl+Enter: Saves a donation or an expense.

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