Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith has been a member of the Victoria British Columbia Stake since before he can remember. He spent some time in hiatus from Canada during 2001 and 2002 in Southern California. He has held several callings in the Victoria BC Stake; presently he is a family history consultant. Some recent callings include: elders quorum counselor, stake assistant technology specialist, sunday school president, membership clerk, financial clerk, branch clerk. He is unmarried and the oldest of eight children.

Freestyle iPhone Developer
Joshua has been developing his skills as an iPhone Software Developer since the summer of 2008. He spent four months (September - December 2008) working full-time with Matthew Paxman developing iPhone software and his skill in the art. Since that time he has worked on several personal and professional projects. While all of the projects he has completed so far have been joint efforts, he has on several projects been the only contributor to see inside the xCode window.
He considers himself presently to be skilled, but not expert. A list of technologies he has used, ie. setup and maintained, would include: Objective-C, OpenGLES 1.1, PHP, MySQL, subversion, HTML, Apache, Macintosh OS', and Windows OS', pen, paper and pencil.

Communicate with me
iPhone (text messages welcome) 250-885-7598
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