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How would be the best way to contribute toward a person's mission fund in a different stake and ward so that it shows on my charitable contributions and missionary gets credit for it being paid?

It's usually much better to ask such questions over on the LDSTech Forum, probably in the Local Unit Finance section. The Forum gets a lot more traffic than the wiki, so you'll get more responses there.
However, the answer is that the ward that is financially responsible for the ward (generally the missionary's home ward or the ward of the missionary's parents) will be charged each month for the missionary's mission cost, independent of what donations may come in. You can help defray those costs only by sending a payment to that ward. Usually people contact the bishop of the ward to learn his address so that they can mail donations to him. Then you fill out a donation slip for your contribution to their Ward Missionary fund and send it with the check to the bishop, noting on the slip the name of the missionary. I'd highly recommend that you use the new tithing slips that have a place for your Membership Record Number, which will make sure that the Church knows exactly who made the donation. You should also make sure that your mailing address is clearly written on the slip. At the end of the year, that ward will be responsible for sending you an Official Tax Statement that lists your donations to that ward. -- Aebrown (talk) 20:43, 18 August 2012 (MDT)
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