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This is my first time recording a Disciplinary Council.

I'm writing in regards to the actual process of how to record and file a "Disciplinary Council." I'm a bit confused as to how to "Properly Handle" these confidential matters. I have gone through and have gone through ldstech under the clerk resources and all I'm getting is how to process it. I guess my main concern is what is to be done after the DC, please correct me if I'm wrong, The Process that was taught to me but ever since then i have not had to record one until now are as follows

1) A letter would be sent out to the person who was receiving the Disciplinary Council (as recommended by the Bishop) 2) I would record the Disciplinary Council 3) Who ever was D.C had to write a letter, which is then kept in the file 4) The the D.C form and the original file would be sent out to the First Presidency (which I don't know the address) 5) We wait for the results

So I'm a bit confused, now that we can electronically record and sent through D.C forms, what do we do with the rest of the original, who do we send it to?

Also a few issues we have encountered is when requesting an old D.C file, the answer we get back is "cannot be found/no such" the old Clerk knows for sure they were sent, who do we actually talk to? In retrieving these records, I know I can request these via, but sometimes it's a bit better just talking to someone to get things done.

It's very unlikely that you'll get a helpful response on your user page here in the wiki. I'd strongly recommend that you post your question on the LDSTech Forum, probably in the Leader and Clerk Resources section. -- Aebrown 14:44, 3 May 2012 (UTC)
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