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It looks like you are trying all sorts of ways to get the Facility Issue Reporting article to look the way you want it to. But you are saving all sorts of revisions, and most of them don't work properly. Please note that the official wiki guidelines say that you should use Preview to avoid having so many failed edits appear in the page history. Also, you are frequently leaving that page in a bad state; sometimes that will happen even with the best of intentions, but you can avoid much of that problem by using Preview to make sure the page looks right before you Save.

Another option you might consider while you are learning how the wiki works is to use a Sandbox, which is best done if it is a subpage of your user page, such as <your user page>/Sandbox. Then once you've figured out the wiki syntax that works, you can copy and paste it into the real article page. -- Aebrown 22:07, 5 April 2012 (UTC)

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