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I am the stake clerk in one of six Young Single Adult stakes in Logan that share some unique challenges when it comes to calendaring. The standard church building will be shared between 2-4 church units. In the six Logan YSA stakes, we have eight wards and a stake all sharing the same building. Additionally, all eight wards have ward Home Evenings and use the building often for that. Following are a couple of things that would aid us greatly in using the calendar to simplify our building scheduling:

1. Members (including administrators) can only see their own ward's calendar and the stake calendar. It would be wonderful in our case, if all stake members were able to subscribe to all eight ward calendars. We all have access to all the ward's directories; why not their calendars as well.

2. As stake clerk, I am able to view only 4 of the 8 ward calendars. And my stake membership clerk (our calendar administrator) can only see his own ward). All eight wards have set up their new calendars. Any suggestions?

With eight wards and a stake in the building, the calendar becomes a crucial help in organizing activities in these VERY active wards. If you can suggest any work-arounds to give us greater access to the other wards' calendars, it would be a great blessing!

Mark Woodbury Stake Clerk Logan Utah YSA 4th Stake

Most of these issues have been discussed at length in the LDSTech Forum. If you can't find answers by searching there, I would recommend that you post your question there (in the Calendar section). The Forum is very active, but hardly anyone will see your questions here on the wiki. -- Aebrown 17:27, 23 January 2012 (UTC)
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