Note: With the switch to Forgerock OpenAM, a new WAMulator is being developed. Documentation is available at Forgerock WAMulator

The WAMulator is an intercepting or transparent http proxy specifically designed to simulate a reverse proxy Web Access Management SSO environment on a developer's local box using a java VM. It includes an Http Console enabling you to see the http and https traffic passing between your browser and your protected and unrestricted application URLs including any WAMulator injected headers. The term WAMulator is a combination of the WAM acronym and the word Simulator.

The WAMulator was written by Mark Boyd in 2008 for the LDS Church's OpenSSO solution and then modified when the Single Sign-On solution changed to using Oracle's Access Manager in early 2010. Others have also contributed code over its lifetime and it continues to see enhancements as can be seen from the Revisions page. Travis Foxley maintained the codebase from February 2012 to September 2013. Mark returned to the project in December 2013 and is the current maintainer.

If you are new to the WAM environment take a look at SSO Environment Overview to understand concepts and how the environment works. To understand how this environment is simulated by the Wamulator, take a look at SSO Environment Simulator. Finally, note on all of these pages the link at the bottom of all of these pages. That page lists all pages marked as related to SSO and includes example applications, how to configure the WAMulator, how to run it within the LDS Java Stack, and so on.

The current version of the WAMulator is version 7.x. Its URL access policy configuration files are compatible with the internal policy exposee tool and can be imported into or exported from the real WAM environment. Archives of configuration formats for older versions are still available at Configuring Previous Versions. If you are on an older version and have questions on how to migrate to the 7.x format contact the WAM team.

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