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Ward and stake directories

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Printed ward and stake directories can be a helpful resource for members and leaders.

MLS directories

Several varieties of directories can be printed directly from MLS.

  • Telephone Directory: Households with phone numbers
  • Abbreviated Directory: Households with phone number, address, and city. Optionally, children can be shown (with optional ages of non-adult children).
  • Directory of Members : Detailed household information. The list can be customized to show or hide birthdates and ages, priesthood offices, record numbers, children, or secondary phone number and e-mail; it can be printed in one or two columns.

Custom printed directories

Some wards and stakes choose to print customized directories. Such directories can contain information beyond that in the standard MLS directories, such as:

  • Ward/stake maps
  • Leadership directory
  • LDS Account registration and use instructions
  • Ward meeting times
  • Building locations and phone numbers
  • Missionary contact information
  • Local Family History Center location, hours, and contact information


  • Review a printed directory or the information on the Directory on periodically, since the information can indicate problems in membership records, including errors in designating the head of household, spelling errors, incorrect address and phone information, etc.
  • Passing around a printed directory periodically in Priesthood or Relief Society can often help spot errors in records, both in the member's personal records and in the records of those they home teach.

Eliminating printed directories

Some units emphasize the use of the Directory on and do not print directories as a general rule, except for members who cannot print information from the website. Reasons for such a policy include:

  • Printed directories can be expensive
  • Printed directories are soon out of date, but online information is much more current