MLS finance transition (Puerto Rico, Canada, and Guatemala only)

The following instructions apply to your local unit only after:

  1. Upgrading to MLS 3.2 or higher, and
  2. Being notified that new finance features have been enabled for your unit.

These new finance features will not be enabled until sometime after you update to MLS 3.2 or higher. Do not use these instructions until you have been notified that these new finance features have been enabled for your unit.

Regional transitions

The following regions have transitioned to the new finance features:

  • Puerto Rico - 11 June 2010
  • Canada - 7 July 2010
  • Guatemala - 29 July 2010

Local Unit Budget Allowance (stakes only)

All units will now receive budget allowance as an actual amount in the Budget category. For stakes and wards in the United States and Canada, this means that every three months each qualifying unit will receive an amount in the Budget category that will remain as a balance and will decrease as the unit writes checks against that category. The stake determines the distribution of the entire budget amount for the stake and all its wards unless directed otherwise by area authorities. Stakes manage this by assigning budget distribution percentages between the stake and each ward by doing the following:

  1. On the Finances panel, click More.
  2. On the Budget panel, click Budget Allocation.
  3. For a unit, enter a percentage in each of the following:
  • Sacrament Meeting
  • Young Men
  • Young Women
  • Primary
  • Young Single Adults

Review displayed estimates and, if acceptable, click Submit to send percentages. Submitted percentages remain on record for future budget distributions unless updated through MLS or by personnel at the Church administrative office.

Missionary commitments

Each month the administrative office withdraws a monthly amount for each single full-time proselyting missionary serving from the ward. The missionary withdrawal amount will now be automatically recorded in MLS. The clerk will not have to manually enter the amount in MLS as was previously done. Additionally, a subcategory for each missionary will be automatically set up in MLS for missionaries serving from the ward as indicated from the Missionary Department. Wards should not set them up manually. If donations for a particular missionary are received prior to having a subcategory for the missionary set up through the Missionary Department, the ward should record those donations in the Ward Missionary category. Such donations may be later transferred to the specific missionary's subcategory after it has been automatically set up.

Tax reimbursement

For those units that are required to record sales tax with each disbursement, this will no longer be recorded in a Tax field on the Expense screen. Instead, the amount of the expense will be split between the expense and the tax on the expense. Both will be entered under the "Category" and "Amount" columns. For units in Utah and North Carolina, the entire amount of the tax will be left in the unit's account. Only the amount of the expense will be deducted from the account. For units in Canada, half of the amount of the tax will be left in the unit's account. The other half of the tax amount plus the expense will be deducted from the account.

New Unit Financial Statement

The Unit Financial Statement helps unit leaders make sure that unit funds are being properly handled and accounted for. After the new finance features are activated, all units will begin receiving a new Unit Financial Statement that will contain summaries, descriptive details, and graphs of financial transactions. Each category on the tithing and donation slip will have its own column on the statement. For example, Humanitarian Aid, Temple Construction, and Perpetual Education will have their own columns. After reviewing the monthly Unit Financial Statement, as financial stewards for their unit, leaders and clerks should follow up on any action items indicated and sign the statement. Leaders will no longer be required to reconcile the statement to MLS. The statement will indicate any outstanding items that require attention by the unit.

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