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MLS keyboard shortcuts

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All content on this page is moving to Help Center under the Meetinghouse Technology topic. This page was supposed to be deleted at the end of October 2012.


MLS has a variety of keyboard shortcuts that can make navigation easier. In general, when a button or menu option has an underlined letter, you can hold down the Alt key and press that letter key to activate the corresponding function. Sometimes the letter will not appear underlined until you hold down the Alt key.


In most reports or screens in MLS that contain tabular data, the following keystrokes will work. Generally you need to click on a row of the report before you attempt to copy or save the data.

  • Ctrl+C: Copy the current row to the Windows clipboard.
  • Ctrl+Shift+C: Copy the entire report to the Windows clipboard.
  • Ctrl+Shift+S: Save the entire report to a file.

If the keystrokes do not work, look on the Edit menu for Copy to file (Ctrl+Shift+S) or Copy to clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+C) options.

Once you have copied the information to the clipboard, you can paste it into a spreadsheet (OpenOffice Calc or MS Excel) to manipulate it further.

Beginning with MLS 2.6.2, copying financial reports using these methods no longer works; all numbers are replaced with asterisks.

Entering names or categories

At any screen where you enter names of people or entities (such as Donors, Payees, and Fast Offering Recipients) or categories, when you are positioned on a name field you can type:

  • Down Arrow: Displays first item in the list; pressing Down Arrow again will move you down through the list of items.
  • Up Arrow: Once an item is displayed, pressing Up Arrow will move you up through the list of items.
  • letters: Starts an automatic search for the first entry whose name starts with the characters entered (Up/Down arrow from this point will move you through the list of items).
    • For names, once a last name is displayed, typing a comma (,) will preserve the currently displayed last name and jump you to the first name portion of the field, where you can start typing the person's first name. Then you can use Up/Down arrow to move through the list of names.
    • For categories, once a parent category is displayed, typing a colon (:) will preserve the currently displayed parent category and jump you to the subcategory portion of the field, where you can start typing the name of the subcategory. Then you can use Up/Down arrow to move through the list of categories.

Entering donations

  • Page Down or Ctrl+N: Move from the Category section to the Check section to the Currency/Coin section.
  • Page Up or Ctrl+B: Move in reverse order through the sections.
  • Tab, Enter, or Down Arrow: Move to the next row (if on a donor name field, Down Arrow starts moving through the list of donors).
  • Shift+Tab or Up Arrow: Move to the previous row.
  • Space Bar: (When positioned on the Missionary, Budget or Other rows) Open the appropriate Details window.
  • Ctrl+Enter or Alt+S: Saves the donation (or if in a Details window, saves and closes the window).

Navigating membership records

Record Navigation Controls

For navigating through Household Records, Individual Records, or Custom Member Fields, MLS provides blue left and right triangle buttons for moving to the previous or next record, as well as a blue square button with a magnifying glass for looking up a different record. Using these navigation buttons keeps the current tab selected. There are also keyboard shortcuts:

  • F3: Move to previous record.
  • F4: Move to next record.
  • F5: Display pick list for moving to a specific record.

Screen shortcuts

  • Ctrl+A: Go to the Action and Interview List screen.
  • Ctrl+D: Go to the Enter Donations screen.
  • Ctrl+E: Go to the Enter Expenses screen.
  • Ctrl+F: Go to the Enter Transfers screen.
  • Ctrl+H: Go to the Household Record screen.
  • Ctrl+I: Go to the Individual Record screen.
  • Ctrl+M: Go to the Move Membership Records Out screen.
  • Ctrl+P: Go to the Print dialog (only works when there is something to print).
  • Ctrl+Shift+P: Go to the Print Preview screen (only works when there is something to print).
  • Ctrl+Q: Exit MLS (does not work from Print Preview screen).
  • Ctrl+T: Go to the Telephone Directory screen.
  • Alt+F4: (From a Print Preview window) Close Print Preview; otherwise Exit MLS.