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Membership Validation Report

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MLS membership

The MLS Membership Validation Report is a list of errors and warnings found in the membership records. MLS generates this report using a set of internal logic checks.

To correct errors or warnings:

  1. Select the name of the person whose record has an error or warning.
  2. Correct the error or warning information on the membership record (this may require some research).
  3. When finished making corrections, click Close.


  • If the person referred to in the warning or error is not a current member of your unit, you may simply click Ignore.
  • For 'errors' due to an ordinance that was performed before the appropriate age, follow the procedures in section 16.1.10 of Handbook 1: Stake Presidents and Bishops, 'Ordinances That Were Performed before the Appropriate Age'.
  • If there is no way to fix the error or respond to the warning, you may click Ignore at the end of the line. However, all attempts to correct the problem should be made before resorting to this.

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