Chromecast shows different content than device

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Chromecast shows different content than device

Postby dougfielding » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:37 am

I live in Kentucky, and last night I tried to watch the priesthood session by Chromecasting it to my TV. I was able to stream the priesthood session live to my phone (Android) just fine, but when I clicked the Chromecast icon to Chromecast it to my TV, what was sent to my TV was not the live priesthood session but a replay of the Saturday afternoon session of conference. I tried this with, the Mormon channel app, even the byutv app (which instead of playing Saturday session of conference, played some other byutv program). I ended up watching it via BYUTV on DirecTV (non-HD), but I really wanted to be able to Chromecast the HD feed. Anyone know why Chromecasting it would send a different feed to the TV than what was streaming to my phone?

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