Incomplete support for people with disabilities

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Incomplete support for people with disabilities

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I greatly appreciate the time and effort put into the new calendar. Most members can get great benefit from the calendar. However, how is a person who is blind, color blind, or mobility impaired supposed to use the Calendar function? Although parts of the calendar work with a screen reader and keyboard, there are several elements that will cause people with disabilities problems. Now that the old calendar is gone, this is the only option.

I think we would agree that *all* members should be able to get information from the church calendar, regardless of their physical abilities.

Here are some of the problems I found for people with disabilities.

1. The forward and backward time buttons at the top of the calendar are not labeled. They read as left_arrow_topnav png graphic. It does not read as a button using a screen reader.

2. The Agenda, Week and Month buttons at the top are labelled as link, and the active button is not stated using a screen reader. Thus the user does not know if it is in Week or Month mode.

3. The pop-up details dialog for an event does not read with a screen reader.

4. There is no way to close the Settings dialog with the mouse (that I can find)

5. Calendar is not a table. Cannot use screen reader table navigation keys.

6. Items on the table are color coded, without any non-color indication of the Subscribed Calendar they belong to. A color blind person or a screen reader user cannot distinguish which Calendar set they belong to.

7. There are landmarks for search, but none for main. Thus navigation for a screen reader user is greatly limited.

8. In the agenda view, there are "open arrows" that cannot be activated when a screen reader is running. To activate the arrow, the user must select the link.

10. information button content cannot be seen by screen reader and uses graphics and arrows.

11. The text based help should providede specific help about accessibility features and how to use with assistive technology.

Please add these requirements at a high priority in your defect list.
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Thank you for this input. This topic has been passed by e-mail to a church employee on the Calendar development team.
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