Broken Printer-Who is supposed to fix?

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Broken Printer-Who is supposed to fix?


Post by KeithWilson »

Advice needed. I called the number listed on the side of the printer, 800-537-7192 and they told me the FM group is responsible for fixing all printers within ward buildings and stake centers. The Global Service center does not do this any more.

The issue was then submitted to the FM group, through the Facility Issue Reporting system. This is the FM group's response: "The FM group does not call for or take care of repairs to copy machines. There is an orange sticker on the copy machine with a phone number on it that someone from one of the wards needs to call to get the copy machine serviced."

So, each is telling me the other is responsible.

Any ideas?
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Re: Broken Printer-Who is supposed to fix?


Post by russellhltn »

Is this a printer, or a copy machine? The FMG response suggests it's a copy machine.

According to this

"If a printer fails and it is out of warranty, the stake technology specialist determines whether the printer should be repaired or replaced. The stake physical facilities representative contacts the FM group to order repairs or a replacement. The FM group repairs or replaces the printer using operational or contingency funds."

If it's in warranty, then it's a bit different.
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Re: Broken Printer-Who is supposed to fix?


Post by johnshaw »

The thread below the one that was posted in is the FAQ for the Local Unit Copier Program, several of the posts there are relevant to your situation.

The number called should've allowed you to select through to receive service on the copier/printer. If the device is out-of-warranty the the vendor will not service the copier/printer... the STS should make a best effort to figure it out using online help, etc... If the copier/printer is dead, as stated above, the STS makes that call, and can log ( a point to have the printer/copier replaced.
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