Individual Missionary Fund Surplus

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Re: Individual Missionary Fund Surplus


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atticusewig wrote:According to the release notes, this particular bug
is noted as being fixed in MLS 3.6.
Once the upgrade comes through in the
next few weeks, this problem should go away.
I am not privy to those release notes because we still are not running 3.6.

What is the description of the bug? Which time periods are affected? Are they not going to notify the rest of us until after it is fixed in the next general release?
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Re: Individual Missionary Fund Surplus


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The release notes are on the Clerk Support page
under Apps, MLS Release Notes.
While a there isn't currently a MLS 3.6 release
to download (there is a beta, if you are part of that),
the notes are available already.

Last item under Financial Issue resolved reads:

"Resolved an issue on the Income and Expense Detail Report where selecting All for the date range on the Ward Missionary Fund Details by Subcategory section was not displaying all transactions."
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Re: Individual Missionary Fund Surplus


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It sure is annoying to discover it on your own when other people already know about it.
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