What technology field do you specialize in?

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What technology field do you specialize in?


Post by McDanielCA »

In conjunction with this poll, I think it would be interesting to see what technical background the members of this community have. Please tell us about your background.
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Post by Mikerowaved »

So where's the ALL THE ABOVE button? :o

Seriously, I guess my main background is R&D, designing radio and microwave frequency power transistors and amplifiers for communications, cell towers, RADAR, medical imaging, even large industrial microwave ovens. There's quite a bit more, but that will have to do.
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Post by russellhltn »

Not sure where my title of "Application Engineer" would fit. I set up document scanning systems.

I used to be a hardware guy, but there's no money in it anymore.
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Post by aebrown »

My career is in software development:
  • mostly retail and some IT
  • plenty of assembly language in the early days, now C# and Java
  • database applications
  • mostly Windows applications, some web apps
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Post by jwtaber »


On the job: mainly making sure features (e.g., addresses, roads, intersections) are in the right places and are assigned the right jurisdictions (e.g., neighborhood, police, fire/EMS).

In the calling (as an assistant stake clerk, six years this month): Placing as many members of the stake as possible and streamlining/organizing their location; generating information (among other things) as to membership strength by location.
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Post by brado426 »

I worked in IT Infrastructure as a Systems Integration Analyst for 13 years, but in 2006, I officially changed careers by moving to the dark side (Applications) as a Programmer Analyst (mostly C# and ASP.NET)... and I love it!

Brad O.
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Post by geek »

I started out wanting to be a programmer, but a couple of programming stints back in Provo and Orem while in school convinced that there was more to computer science than programming.

I've spent about 14 years now doing support, deployments, and architecture for data center infrastructure. I'm something of an AIX guru. I briefly was a sysadmin and worked at an IBM call center doing AIX support, but today I do subject matter expert work, design and planning of AIX environments, disaster recovery, high availability, outsourcing, etc.

I also am ABD with just a dissertation to go in computer science (NLP/AI).
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Been There, Done That


Post by jeromer7 »

Brad O. wrote:...by moving to the dark side (Applications) as a Programmer Analyst

I thought moving to the Dark Side was when I became a manager. :)

I spent 20 years in the USAF beginning as a teletype operator moving to computer operator, programmer (assembly, FORTRAN, BASIC) and manager. I've now worked as a military contractor for 21 years initially as a programmer, but mostly in management. Over time I've managed software development, CM, QA, documentation staff & Help Desk as a Task Manager (first line supervisor) and Project manager.
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Post by tonyduf-p40 »

telfordca wrote:In conjunction with this poll, I think it would be interesting to see what technical background the members of this community have. Please tell us about your background.
My formal training with computers was back in the days at BYU when they were still punching cards (that sure tells my age, doesn't it); and the rest I know is all self taught.

What I don't know about computers or the IT field and need to know I turn to my son Paul for help. He is an autistic savant genius in the IT computer field. He is CompTIA A+ certified in hardware and software, has CompTIA Network+ certification, and is presently studying for his Linus Network Administrator. In addition, while I was working for the U.S> Forest Service, Paul wrote a database program for the Forest Service to use. He has a photographic memory and any subject he wants to know about he starts to read, and before you know he has learn it.

Oh yes, there is one more thing I can say her, and I believe this to be true because he has been in to computers since his mearly childhooid:: I've told Paul that much of what he knows here he brought with him from the pre-existence.
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What specialty


Post by wadeburt »

Medical IT Consulting. From desktop hardware to database design/maintenance to router config, to full Electronic Medical Record deployment.

Clients are comfortable when I can hit the door and have them runnning without having to call another consultant.
Wade E. Burt
Gallatin Ward High Priest Group Leader
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