Internet Mission Office System - update or replace?

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Internet Mission Office System - update or replace?


Post by richhag »

Are mission presidents still using IMOS (internet mission office system) to communicate with missionaries, missionary dept., etc.?

Has the system been updated recently?

From some recent conversations, it sounds outdated, slow, and like it requires mission presidents to spend too much time fiddling with the tool, and not enough time communicating quickly and seamlessly with missionaries, and then being out preaching!
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Re: Internet Mission Office System - update or replace?


Post by AndromidasMD »

IMOS is still the principle mission office system, used for finances, organization, transfers, and communication.

IMOS is used by mission presidents to read weekly missionary letters when the missionaries submit those letters using the Missionary Portal, which they are expected to do in most parts of the world.

IMOS may be used for creating and sending other general types of correspondence using the Letters feature. This unfortunately named feature, so named before the missionary letters feature was built, is intended for correspondence with home and local leaders and parent.

Any errors with writing or reading missionary weekly letters, whether in IMOS or the Missionary Portal, should be reported promptly to the Global Service Center at 801-240-4357.
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