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All things Tags: Edit / Sort / Rename / Reassign / Combine


Post by aphancock »

Hi all, I've been enjoying using the study tools on my android phone. But when I've logged into my account on (using Firefox 25) I felt a little discouraged with the lack of functionality around the tags I've assigned. I've been trying to look at my tags to edit/rename them and combine/reassign them but neither the android app or the main lds site seem to offer this facility. I couldn't even review all my tags on, as the site only shows the first word or two. I then tried clicking each tag in order to view the passages I'd assigned to it - and it wouldn't even allow me to do that. So as I say, I was a little down in the mouth, hoping that the many hours I'd spent studying and tagging hadn't been fruitless. Can anyone offer any suggestions or hope? Thanks, Andrew
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Re: All things Tags: Edit / Sort / Rename / Reassign / Combi


Post by eugeneb »

The help video shows clicking on tag names on the website and the associated references are listed. After creating a number of tagged references on my two mobile devices over the last few months, I tried the website. While all of the tags are listed NONE of them are displayed when selected.

I also can no longer sync with my Kindle. I get an "Error Parsing Data", but my phone is working. The latest notes on my Kindle are now likely to be lost.

Is there something that corrupts the data base to make the tags on unusable? I can create new notes on and they do show up on my phone and tags on my phone show up on, so it may be related to my Kindle corruption. However, many of the corrupt tags were created on my phone, so it is not strictly related to the Kindle created content.

Deleting the Kindle app index did not help. Deleting all content on my Kindle resolved the parsing error when syncing, but that lost my tags that had not been sync'd. I can now sync again with updates created on both ends.

How do you rebuild the index/database for the website so that I can see my tags?

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Re: All things Tags: Edit / Sort / Rename / Reassign / Combi


Post by quetzalcoatl »

I also get the message "error: error parsing data" whenever I try to sink the annotations on my Kindle. Has anyone found a solution for this yet? I've tried signing out and back into my account, but I continue to get the same message.
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Re: All things Tags: Edit / Sort / Rename / Reassign / Combi


Post by chrishamill »

I'm also getting "Error Parsing Data" on my android phone relative to my annotations. I have too many to lose. I once had this problem about a year ago and was emailed a solution that involved moving one of the app folders and then uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I them replaced the new folder with the old one and all was well. Would this work in this situation and if so, can someone post the steps?
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Re: All things Tags: Edit / Sort / Rename / Reassign / Combi


Post by tysonht »

I am using an android phone to make journal entries. I just went to to review and amend some entries but the entries do not show up. I try syncing annotations from my phone and get: "Unable to sync your annotations because an error occurred. Error: Error Parsing Data".
Please help!
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Re: All things Tags: Edit / Sort / Rename / Reassign / Combi


Post by Biggles »

Check this topic as it might be relevant!
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