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Re: How to remove tags


Post by aebrown »

georggreindl wrote:I am "glad" that the issue is verified by an admin.
Although I am a Community Administrator for the LDSTech Forum, I have no special position in relation to Gospel Library -- I'm just the same as you in this regard.
georggreindl wrote:However, now what? How can one post feature requests?
Send Feedback from within the App. On the menu, tap Help, and then Send Feedback. That will prepare an email with some of your system information along with whatever text you want to add, and then you just send the email using your regular email app on your device.
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Re: How to remove tags


Post by dianeevans »

I am a new service missionary for LDS Tech. Someone just forwarded this question to us through the Help feature in Gospel Library.

I tried to reproduce this problem by following the steps you have described here. You are right. I now have a "Testing" tags category that is empty and cannot be deleted.

I will report this to the developers. Thanks for finding this bug.

Diane Evans
LDSTech Service Missionary
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Re: How to remove tags


Post by kinghoju »

Has any more progress been made on this issue?

I'm having similar problems on my Gospel Library for Android. It would be helpful to have more control over tags--so that we could delete tags in bulk (like the tag itself and all the entries for that tag) or rename the tags if we wanted.

I've been trying to find a good solution to reorganize a lot of my tags but it seems like the only option is go on the website and delete/rename each entry one at a time. And that would take hours upon hours. I even tried downloading the XML for my notebook, running a find/replace search, and renaming the tags that way. This actually worked, but then I discovered that while you can backup an XML version of a notebook, that backup currently doesn't serve any purpose since it's impossible to restore the back up. So I'm pretty stumped. I really like tagging things--it helps keep me focused on what I'm reading--but it's currently very difficult to keep things organized the way you want it.

Thanks you for all you guys do!
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Re: How to remove tags


Post by nielhayes »

Hey everyone! First forum comment here for me. I've run into the same issue here with the inability to delete tag categories from my notes section on my Android devices. Honestly, the only effective solution I've found is to use my work iPhone to delete the tag category. Deleting tag categories on IOS is a cinch. I realize not everyone may have devices on both platforms, but if someone does, it's worth giving it a try, at least to get rid of the annoying/unwanted tag.
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Re: How to remove tags


Post by tonygregor »

Any answer yet? I have half a dozen empty tags... There must be a way to edit the list.
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Re: How to remove tags


Post by JAFUIS »

my tag dont exclue =[ android app
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