Filtering on Emergency Response Categories

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Filtering on Emergency Response Categories


Post by rebowes »

In our ward, we have created several "Emergency Response Zones" and have edited the categories for families in the Maps application to reflect the zone and any special needs. We now need to be able to filter lists on these categories or special needs, but there doesn't seem to be any way to create the filter. If I simply enter the zone in the search window, then I get results that don't match the categories. Is there a simple way to get this functionality? It seems like it used to work.

Thank you
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Re: Filtering on Emergency Response Categories


Post by kevindurr »

I haven't had access to do what you are speaking of, but in our stake we use the Geocodes in MLS to organize our emergency preparedness and then use custom reports to print of list to make binders for our zone leaders. Each binder has a map of the zone for reference to find locations. A step further is we had some members that were able to take a membership export with the geocodes and print out maps using a mapping software.
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Re: Filtering on Emergency Response Categories


Post by dlpyro1957 »

There is a Ward and Stake Geo codes in MLS. We also use Custom Member Field in the membership tap to note the Special needs. then you can run a report in MLS and a least have that.
The old Map Program did have added filters, but were removed .i Map 3.0 Some of us have asked for them to be restored. Its is to bad that that they are gone. It would be nice to also be able to add a overlay in LDS Maps.
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Re: Filtering on Emergency Response Categories


Post by dobrichelovek »

The whole filtering capability has been missing for some time and I know plenty of people would like it back.
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