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Family tree relation feature


Post by cartergoff »

Is it possible that we could make a feature on family search that tells you your relation to a person your viewing? For example, if I'm looking at my great great uncle, it would say "relation: great great uncle".
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Re: Family tree relation feature


Post by steph.younger »

Interestingly enough, a very limited version of this already exists under Temple > Opportunities. In your Opportunities List every individual listed should have a "Whats My Relationship?" link directly below their PID. This link shows a modified tree that illustrates your relationship but doesn't name your relationship. So, your great-great-uncle (or great-grand-uncle based on your preference) would be illustrated as your father's father's father's father's son, which really isn't very helpful at a glance, but isn't terrible to translate.

I would love to see this added out in the tree, perhaps under the Individual detail ...
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Re: Family tree relation feature


Post by sbradshaw »

Great idea. Submit it through feedback! :)
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