Church Distribution pricing change

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Church Distribution pricing change


Post by atticusewig »

I just came across the notice on the Official Communications Library
that there are to be no more no-cost items available from
Church Distribution effective immediately.

I don't remember how many items (or what types of items) were
no-cost, but imagine it might have a significant impact on the
already stretched-too-thin budgets of some units.

Does anyone know if there is a place online where you can
download a .PDF of the Church Distribution Items and their
associated costs ?

Also, because I love to speculate; This is the result of some sort of
legal proceeding, right ? I mean, when does the church do anything
immediately ?
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Re: Church Distribution pricing change


Post by simonawright »

We had a letter but ours is slightly different to the US in that the unit budgets are to be increased slightly to compensate for this change in policy

It also explained that this change is to help comply with tax laws, although it doesn't specify whose. I expect questions have been asked by some tax department that they are now responding to.
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Re: Church Distribution pricing change


Post by jdlessley »

atticusewig wrote:Also, because I love to speculate; This is the result of some sort of
legal proceeding, right ?
From what I read in the 6 August letter the the change will simplify customs clearance processing and ensure accurate tax reporting worldwide. Reading between the lines, I gather the declaration to customs and tax authorities that some distribution center supplies had no value was raising questions and challenges.

The letter also stated the impact to local units in the U.S. and Canada would be minimal. Looking at a few items, the definition of minimal impact is relative. The Tithing and Other Offerings Form used to be free. A package of 225 now costs $7 in the U.S. and $6.45 "Outside US/Canada." Bank deposit bags, 100 per pack, now cost $20.75 when they were no cost previously. One area that had no cost items was in annual curriculum supplies. Study guides were no cost previously. They are now $0.15 each. And the list goes on.
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