Father is sealed to a previous wife.

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Father is sealed to a previous wife.


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The handbook states: {quote removed}

Does this apply when the husband is sealed to former wife and remarries but is not sealed to the second wife?

I have a situation where the father is still sealed to a previous wife, but not to his current wife. The current wife is endowed, but not sealed to her husband who is the father of the two children.

This is the wife's only marriage.

Are their children BIC?
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Re: Father is sealed to a previous wife.


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To comply with the Code of Conduct, your message has been edited to remove the quote from Handbook 1. Please remember this is a publically visible forum.

I think the first sentence of Handbook 1: 3.6.2 would answer your question. It would appear to me that if the wife is not sealed to her husband, then the children born to her are not BIC.
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