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Re: stake YW list


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Biggles wrote:
mlh78 wrote:Once a month, I simply export all of the MLS data (created in a custom report) to Excel. I spruce up the headings a bit, and copy in some custom formulas to give some more data (e.g., is temple recommend expired, are they prospective elders, and a few others). Then when I get requests from auxiliaries and others, I can super easily create a custom report that I can send to them in Excel.
How will you achieve this once MLS is retired?
My plan is to be released by then.
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Re: stake YW list


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jworth1 wrote:When I tried to convert the pdf file to xls online, some of the data didn't get put in the right columns so that didn't work for me at all.

Not sure what you mean "text to columns"...

You need to pull it from the webpage, not after you have printed it. I hit print and then tried to copy and paste from there but it put all of each person's information in one column. If you copy and paste from the website before printing it, you should be able to grab the column headings and it'll put the right information in the right column for you. No need to convert text to columns.
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Re: stake YW list


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I still this issues need to be looked at from privacy standards.I see a lot of these external databases and spreadsheets being created. I suspect that the reason the church has not given us an export and restricted access to authorized users is to keep ahead of privacy issues.

I suggest that you consult the Meetinghouse Technology Policy documents:

Meetinghouse Technology Policy ... lang=eng#4

4.9 MLS Data and Membership Information

4.9.1 Information about members, donations, and financial transactions is confidential and must be protected from unauthorized disclosure.

4.9.2 MLS data, database tables, or schemas must not be used or shared to create or assist in the creation of third party software.

4.9.3 The use of MLS data and membership information in third party software is prohibited, whether obtained from within or outside of a meetinghouse.

4.9.4 The use of cloud-based services for storing and/or backing up MLS or any membership related data is prohibited.
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Re: stake YW list


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Leader and Clerk Resources is designed to give access to pertinent information to those who need it for their callings. For example, a member of an auxiliary presidency can log onto Leader and Clerk Resources and see several of the reports and lists. If there's something that's consistently needed that an auxiliary leader doesn't have access to online, send feedback to Leader and Clerk Resources. If the request lines up with Handbook-defined responsibilities, would improve the leader's ability to perform their calling, isn't affected by privacy laws, and is technically feasible, chances are the suggestion will be considered.
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