Sending pictures to my sons mission email

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Sending pictures to my sons mission email


Post by janfjer »

HI, I have been trying to send pictures as attachments to my son's address and they keep bouncing for lack of a better term. The pictures are saved to my computer. What can I do? Thank you. Janice Fjerstad
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Re: Sending pictures to my sons mission email


Post by kisaac »

Welcome to the forum and your first post! And it sounds like a frustrating problem. Realize most of us are just people like yourself trying to help...

Some thoughts:
I don't know, but I would suspect your file size is too large, either "per picture" or the total size of the attachment if attaching multiple pictures. Remember computer screen resolution can be much smaller for a photo compared to what you need to make a photographic print, without noticeable quality loss. And your missionary has a limited time to use the computer, so sending a really large photograph is a waste, especially if they "bounce."

Your camera usually takes photographs in a resolution for making prints. It may have a "web" or "ebay" or "email" setting which would give much smaller file sizes for computer display. However, I suggest keeping the files at "print" sizes when you take them in case you want prints (and enlargements!) and then "shrinking" copies of those same photos afterward, that you can then send to your son.

I just asked our missionary, and he he gets ours at his ldsmail address, and I've never had any "bouncing" photos.

What I do:
  • I don't send a lot at once,
    I always make them much smaller than they were originally from the camera. I use photo editing software to reduce the size of the file. (72 dpi is screen resolution, so I set my photos to 72dpi with length and width around 4 inches or so.) Your software might have a "web" size.
    I use JPG format (it's compressed) and set the quality to mid-range or lower when I save it to my computer from the photo editing software, (after editing them to reduce file size)
    I usually put them "inline" (using the attachment feature) in the email
There are many "free" photo editing software packages around, some online, and many cameras and scanners ship with software that will resize your photographs for sending to your missionary. Remember to keep the fullsize originals, and make a copy of the smaller files for sending.
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Re: Sending pictures to my sons mission email


Post by soreasan »

Missionary emails have a SIZE LIMIT of 10MB. This means that if your email contains over 10MB of photos it will be rejected. It depends on the camera but on my phone camera each photo is about 2-3 MB so 3-4 photos is usually the MAXIMUM amount that I can send. My phone is a little lower end though (8 Megapixels) so if your phone is nicer such as an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or a real camera then you may have to send as few as 1-2 photos per email.
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Re: Sending pictures to my sons mission email


Post by AndrewJAllen »

I am a Missionary in Kansas.
I have a setting on my Panasonic DMC-ZS20 that can Re size the photo strait on the Camera. I convert my 14M pictures to the 3M size to send home I have found that help to send more than on Picture at a time. Then only back fall is that when it re sizes the photo it saves a extra copy on the card.
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Re: Sending pictures to my sons mission email


Post by andreamcrae »

I send one photo at a time. Even downloaded off Facebook, small files won't go through.
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