What technology field do you specialize in?

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marianomarini_vi wrote:I know, education system in Italy is quite different.

Like marianomarini_vi, I know that brazilian educational systems are different from that in U.S.

I am a student of Information technology - Computer Technician at SENAC São Paulo. it's a graduation that complement the High School graduation with a professional background.

I worked for SENAI São Paulo as IT Technician last two years and after are moved to SESI São Paulo as an School Clerk (not an IT position but with many computer interaction).

Now I'm unemployed, but I continue to study in SENAC's and my graduation is for October 2008. I believe that, after it, I can began an university carrer like a BA.
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I have touched on a little bit of everything.
My active skills are:

HTML, Javascript, CSS, XML, PHP, MySQL

Software Dev (Mac OS X):
A little Cocoa, Applescript, MySQL, SQLite3.

Graphic Design:
The only thing I went to college for. Currently doing freelance in this dept.

I am a System Admin at a newspaper in Arkansas. I manage 150-200 Macs and a handful of PC's.
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I'm a graphic designer by profession, so most of my technical skills are web based. Basic HTML, CSS, and I've been poking around a little with PHP and Javascript. I also have some intermediate Flash Actionscript knowledge, but still have lots to learn!
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I'm a generalist in a large company in a small town. I have to be at least passingly familiar with every single aspect of IT that our company uses. We don't do any development so the only scripting I do is simple .bat files for repetitive tasks. Our environment is pure Windows except for one Linux system. As a non-profit we don't always get the newest and greatest. We buy everything new, but we have to make computers last for a four year cycle and servers for a five to six year cycle. In addition to the Windows and Citrix environments I also oversee a PC-PBX phone system (with half the phones VoIP), a prox card security access system and web cam DVR security monitoring system.

In addition to the hands-on systems management I'm also accountable for a .75 million dollar budget and two direct reports.
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Professional what?


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Well, I grew up with a C=64 and dabbled a little on my dad's 286 before my mission. When I got back, Pentiums were available and Win95 was around the corner. I got a side job learning some pc hardware and html for a while. Later it was mostly sales, and a lot of what I had learned was by playing around with whatever was new at the store I worked at my full time job. Then I got wise and went back part-time to school many years later (still going). Curently I'm a custodian working for the city and just waiting out my probationary time and then try and move into IT.

I know a little bit about different aspects mostly in the PC and small networking end of things. And making recommendations to people on what they should buy. I've got my Comptia A+ and Network+ certs. I've taken the CCNA a few years ago but got an 83% (85% needed to certify) and I've been kicking myself for not studying for it. I do a lot of tech support and training for friends, family, and a few small businesses around town.

Mostly I can do some HTML, build and troubleshoot PCs with Windows/DOS, implement small networks, and have a knack for being the person everybody goes to for computer help.:cool:
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.Net all the way!!


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I specialize in the Microsoft platform. Right now I'm in charge of the .net programming environment at my company. I work mostly with c# doing windows forms or asp.net applications. I also work with Silverlight and windows presentation foundation.

It's a lot of fun.
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I'm an experienced computer tech (almost 19 years) and for the last 5 years I've been primarily servicing and managing the printers used at BYU-Idaho. For the last 3 years I've also been managing the copiers used here (all told, printers and copiers come to about 380 devices ... this week).

I also run/manage the Pharos system used here (allows the students and the Departments to pay for their print jobs).

Guess you'd call me a Computer Tech with extra emphasis/specialty in printers.
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I am a Technical Architect with a background in infrastructure management. Though over the past few years I am getting more involved in strategy and enterprise architecture (or beard stroking stuff as I call it). Been in the industry for 12 years now and still love it! If anyone is interested, here is my CV

I am also involved in the local Free software community, helping out at the Linux User Group, giving talks, writing articles etc.
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Thanks for the background everyone. It's very interesting to see.
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I am a Chemical engineer and moved into IT field.

Currently as Software Engineer - Mainframe
-DB2 - SQL

I repair Personal computers(either hardware and software related)
I know and using Adode Photoshop
Editing videos and other multimedia applications
--gearing towards Web creations- MS Expressions

Good day:)
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